May 2016 - may 2017

I worked as a part-time UX researcher in TravelWits for a year, analyzing users’ behaviors through monitoring the session recordings and Woopra analytics to improve the navigational flow and conversion rates. I also designed and conducted multiple exploratory/usability studies, while providing design suggestions and prototypes for the website.

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1. Exploratory Study

To better understand the nature of the website, I started out with exploratory testing and came up with hypotheses with verification methods as to why conversion rates do not meet the expectation. 

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2. Interpreting User Data

I monitored user journey by creating funnel reports in Woopra. I also used visitor recording tools like Inspectlet and Mouseflow to gain real-time insight from users’ behaviors. Whenever I see certain trends or behaviors that stick out, I marked them down and generated speculations as well as potential testing methods.

Sample image from Woopra Blog

Sample image from Woopra Blog


3. Interview

I conducted interviews to understand users better. Qualitative data and insights were later used to define persona and user stories.


4. Usability Testing

I frequently designed and conducted usability testing—either to validate newly released features or decide on the importance of existing problems. They were done either in-person or through usertesting.com.


5. Designing solutions

After defining problems and their importance, I came up with potential solutions through re-organizing user scenarios. Sometimes the process involved wireframing.

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