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The meteoric adoption of smartphones has placed a sensor rich and intelligent computing device in people's pockets. These intimate devices go nearly everywhere people go, collecting and operationalizing personal, social, and contextual information to generate new value for users. One of the most interesting outcomes of the spread of this technology has been the rise of the peer economy; one where traditional services get replaced by people (peers) providing just-in-time services to each other.

Arrangers is an important step in helping tweens establish their independence, while proving their increasing capability for responsibility. It allows tweens to take ownership in setting up their own playdates with other tweens and enables parents to be involved to resolve conflicts and provide transportation. 


insights from research

From in-depth interviews and literature review on tweens and technology, I was able to gain first-hand perspective on how tweens interact with their parents and what forms of technology they use. These are the insights I gained:


  • Parents are mostly concerned about Safety of their children.

  • Parents are wary of smartphone usage by their kids, but wouldn’t mind them using it in a constructive way.

  • Parents want tweens to take more responsibility but value their independence as well.

  • Parents generally call and use text messaging for contacting their children rather than other stand-alone apps.

  • Parents tend to not like contacting other parents to figure out transportation


  • Tweens are still dependent on their parents for logistics such as carpooling, tickets etc.

  • Tweens are not particular about sharing information such as location, activities details with their parents.

  • Tweens wants to share their activities, interests with their friends’ circle.

  • Tweens prefer instant text messaging for contacting other friends.



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aya Hatoum

Aya is a 13-year-old seventh grader growing up in Pittsburgh. Outside of school, she spends her time watching her sister or hanging out with her friends at the library, at their homes, or at the coffee shop on Highland Avenue. Sometimes she gets together with friends and they go see a movie at Waterworks Mall, or at the Manor in Squirrel Hill. This is always a challenge because friends have so many commitments, like soccer, and none of the parents really want to drive the kids back and forth.

Aya wants to spend more time hanging out with her friends. She wants to go do things, like see a concert, go to the movies, or go to festivals downtown. She’d love to be allowed to use Uber, so she can go when and where she wants.

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Kaylee Hatoum

Kaylee is a 38-year-old Mom, worried about the big 4-0. She loves her two daughters and loves to cook for them. Kaylee has way too much to do between taking care of her girls and working full time as a paralegal for a small law firm that does wills and estates. Carpooling is the only thing that makes it all possible. 

Kaylee wants to know her girls are safe, to know what they are doing, and when they will be home. She wants them to make good choices and to take responsibilities. She wants to not be caught up in the minutia of their poor planning. She hates having to call all the parents and figure out how the kids will get from here to there.




Q. How might we help Kaylee Gets Notification about where Aya Is?

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 12.43.08 AM.png

Q. How might we help Aya Makes Last-Minute Plans and get a Ride from Kaylee?

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 12.44.26 AM.png

How might we help Aya efficiently and thoroughly relay details about an event to Kaylee?

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color scheme

The initial color scheme was mint and orange. However, since the name "Arrangers" was inspired by Avengers from Marvel, I thought it might be better to have an overarching theme as well as using Marvel’s color scheme. For parents' version, I applied calmer colors. Also, gradation was added to make the app look more real. 


sidebar & upcoming events page iteration


Tween (Left) | Parent (Right)


"add new event" button

  • The orange add icon looked too fat.

  • Tried to use Captain America’s shield as an “add” button.

  • Plus sign became too small when tried to reduce the overall size of the button.

  • Reduced the number of lines of the shield so that “+” is more noticeable.


ux flow chart


competitive feature

ride sos

Ride SOS is a novel functionality that enables tweens to ask for rides to other tweens’ guardians in the group without having to converse endlessly to get permission.

If on a SOS mode, it shows on the user’s status so that other group members can know. The user can also selectively send ride requests.


final products

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